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Apps Included in The Salesforce PowerPack


Account Merge Button

Duplicate Account records pop up during your day to day work, but there was no convenient way to merge these duplicates, until now! Using the out of box account merge screen, we allow you to quickly and easily merge duplicate accounts without wasting time going through extra screens.

  • Data Quality Best Practices
  • Native functionality
  • Supports Salesforce Classic
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Calendar Everything

At cloudanswers we know you need to be able to see the big picture, and dates and deadlines are critical. Calendar Everything by cloudanswers lets you see all of your important dates in one place, across any data set!

  • Overlay color-coded calendars with advanced filters and customized hover fields.
  • Create, edit and move records right from the calendar in Day, Week, Month, Gantt, Agenda, Swimlane or Custom view.
  • Share calendars within your Salesforce org and publish as calendars.
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Case Merge

At cloudanswers we know that managing your support workload is never easy, and handling duplicate cases in salesforce can be challenging. Why spend valuable time on data management when your team could be interfacing with clients? Now you don’t have to!

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Lead Rotator

The easiest to configure and most reliable lead rotator on the market, it uses your out of box Lead Queue objects when possible and gives you a one page setup to decide how leads are assigned. It's compatible with standard lead assignment rules and can be executed by Process Builder dynamically for custom workflows!

  • Utilizes standard salesforce Queues
  • Totally native solution with no outside services required
  • Supports Salesforce Classic and Salesforce Lightning
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Opportunity Team Inherit

Save sales time by defaulting the Opportunity Team from the Account Team. When you create an Opportunity on an Account with an Opportunity Team, the entire team will be copied to the Opportunity automatically. You don't have to do anything!

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Apps Coming Soon

Daily Metadata Backup

Enhance the standard "Setup Audit Trail" by performing a full metadata backup daily to allow you to restore things like formulas if a user changes them.

Desktop Notifications

Receive desktop push notifications for your chatter feed, approval processes, and custom events that are important to you.

Public Knowledge Portal

Professionally-styled public knowledgebase templates for sites so you can enhance your support process

Here is What our Customers Say

Great App To Fill The Gaps in

This is a fantastic tool that addresses shortcomings in SF and provides feature rich functionality without having to reinvent the wheel.

Steven Wagner AppExchange

If it should be in Salesforce but isn't, the Powerpack has it

There is a lot to this app, but it is pretty cool. From time-saving UI stuff that Salesforce should have, like the Account Find Duplicates Button and Case Merge, to more sophisticated tools that expand Salesforce's capabilities like the Lead Assignment rotator and the ability to email reports to non-Salesforce users, the capabilities of the Powerpack are pretty huge. There are a couple of features I don't think I'll use, and I'm still exploring some of the features, but give it 5 stars already.

David Hecht AppExchange

Great App and Great Service

App does exactly that its description said it would do. Very user friendly and their support is fast and effective. Great job!

Chris S. AppExchange

Cool App in Salesforce ..Simply awesome

Calendar functionality really Great. Account and All objects record easily mapped with few step. Most lovable functionality google drive integration. Great App.

Harshal Kolhe AppExchange

Great App

I don't usually give reviews but this resolved my issue easy. The merge case functionality is something Salesforce desperately needs- the button click does wonders here and solved a major issue in controlling my duplicate cases.

Peter Reid AppExchange

Picks Up Where Salesforce Leaves Off

I needed something to send reports daily to external email addresses. SF doesn't have this feature and this app popped up in a forum. Super easy to use, works a treat. Only real improvement would be to allow sending the report in a format other than CSV. The Merge Utility is icing on the cake - I have been looking for something to merge records for a while now. This is so simple and I can even let power-users merge records freeing me up to work on other things.

Gareth Huscroft AppExchange

Super APP - thanks so much!!

I was looking for an a report delivery tool and saw your comment on one of the Ideas (that Salesforce has not moved on in 8 years). I installed this in one of my dev orgs to see how it works for Report Sending. I was impressed how super easy and intuitive it is - and itdoes what is says it will do!! I am looking forward to trying out the rest of the Pack. Thanks so much!!

Jane Isaac AppExchange

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Trial includes live chat support and all features