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Account Merge Button

Duplicate Account records pop up during your day to day work, but there was no convenient way to merge these duplicates, until now! Using the out of box account merge screen, we allow you to quickly and easily merge duplicate accounts without wasting time going through extra screens.

Calendar Everything

At cloudanswers we know you need to be able to see the big picture, and dates and deadlines are critical. Calendar Everything by cloudanswers lets you see all of your important dates in one place, across any data set!

Case Merge

At cloudanswers we know that managing your support workload is never easy, and handling duplicate cases in salesforce can be challenging. Why spend valuable time on data management when your team could be interfacing with clients? Now you don’t have to!

Daily Metadata Backup

Enhance the standard "Setup Audit Trail" by performing a full metadata backup daily to allow you to restore things like formulas if a user changes them.

Desktop Notifications

Receive desktop push notifications for your chatter feed, approval processes, and custom events that are important to you.

Lead Rotator

The easiest to configure and most reliable lead rotator on the market, it uses your out of box Lead Queue objects when possible and gives you a one page setup to decide how leads are assigned. It's compatible with standard lead assignment rules and can be executed by Process Builder dynamically for custom workflows!

Opportunity Team Inherit

Save sales time by defaulting the Opportunity Team from the Account Team. When you create an Opportunity on an Account with an Opportunity Team, the entire team will be copied to the Opportunity automatically. You don't have to do anything!

Public Knowledge Portal

Professionally-styled public knowledgebase templates for sites so you can enhance your support process

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